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CT19B spring operating mechanism
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Operating various types of 10 kv fixed cupboard’s ZN28 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker and its closing work with other kinds of high voltage circuit breaker . With tripping protection function of over-current and voltage-absent, the life of mechanical life for 2000 times . For it’s narrow than CT19A type, width is only 300 mm, it can increase the institution's overall stability qualitative, it’s more suitable for the reconstruction with oil free of the old cabinet .
Main technical parameters
specification weight (kg) volume
motor input power(w) motor operator closing spring
Match the vacuum circuit breaker tripping current(KA)
CT19B-Ⅰ 38 550×330×180 110 φ7 20
CT19B-Ⅱ 38 550×330×180 110 φ8 31.5
CT19B-Ⅲ 38 550×330×180 150 φ8+φ4 40
1. Energy storage motor use the single-phase permanent magnet DC motor, increase full-wave rectifier current, supply energy-storage motor work (bridge pile)  when users need to be adopted in alternating current power supply.
2. Closing and opening electromagnet use solenoid electromagnet
3. Work output shaft Angle of rotation for 50 to 55 degrees  The wording angle of rotation of the output shaft is from 50 to 55 degree .
CD19B  The main technical data sheet (Resistance are at + 20 ℃ temperature values )
Rated operational voltage (V) ~110 ~220 ~380 -48 -110 -220
Electrical rating(A) 分opening 2.8 1.6   2.3 1.5
合closing 1.5 1 1.5 0.68
Electrical rating(W) opening 308 352 255 264
closing 105 220 165 150
the coil resistance(20℃)
opening 12±0.6 48±2.4 48±2.5 190±10
closing 20±1 73±4 73±4 325±15
The range of Normal closing working voltage closing: 85%~110% rated operational voltage
Opening: 65%~120% rated operational voltage, Don’t open when the rated operational voltage is less than 30%

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