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CD10 spring operating mechanism
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◎ Overviews
CD 10 magnetic operating mechanism is a kind of indoor hanging electromagnetic operating mechanism and can be used to operate SN10 series-- high pressure less oil circuit breaker. It has four styles: The electric closing switch, The electric opening braker , The manual opening braker, and The automatic reclosing switch. The closing switch or the opening brake need to use the DC power supply. You can Use an external CZ0-40 c or CZ0-40 d low-voltage dc contactor to control the closing switch DC current.
CD 10 magnetic operating mechanism is equipped with opening brake electromagnet, when opening you can hand opening brake, electric opening brake and remote control opening brake
CD 10 magnetic operating mechanism is covered by iron, there is a round hole in the middle of the iron with the identification opening and closing.
Main technical parameters
The skills of CD 10 magnetic operating mechanism conform to the regulation of the GB1984-80 AC high voltage concluding circuit  breaker .The date as follow:
The model of the concluding circuit beaker
CD10-Ⅰ CD10-Ⅱ CD10-Ⅲ
SN10-10Ⅰ SN10-10Ⅱ SN10-10Ⅲ SN10-10Ⅲ
1000-31.5 1250-40 2000-40
1 200 V
Coil   200V Closing coil
Current (A) 99 120 147
Resistance (Ω) 2.22±0.18 1.82±0.15 1.50±0.12
2 110V Closing coil
Current (A) 196 240 294
Resistance (Ω) 0.56±0.05 0.46±0.04 0.38±0.04
3 25V Closing coil Current (A) 37
Resistance (Ω 0.65±0.03
4 48V Current (A) 18.5
Closing coil Resistance (Ω 2.6±0.13
5 110V
Closing coil
Current (A) 5
Resistance (Ω 55±1.1
6 200V Current (A) 2.5
Closing coil Resistance (Ω 88±4.4
Outline Mounting Dimension
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