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FZW32-40.5/T1250-25 Outdoor high voltage isolation vacuum lo
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It mainly uses FZW32-40.5/T1250-25 outdoor high voltage isolation vacuum load switch is a new generation of high voltage electrical appliances. Tested and approved by the strict type test and trial run for a long time. The technical performance indicators meet all iec standard GB - 3804. The products are mainly for city transformation and design of web site construction, 12 kv rated voltage. Supply network collaterals of three-phase ac 50 hz, the product the chassis is made of stainless steel material or hot dip galvanized and uv protection coating of carbon steel, ensure the normal operation of the body in the outdoor environment, parts adopt stainless steel material, ensure the durability of load switch, stability and waterproof performance, such as salt mist the product has light weight small volume and beautiful shape Easy to operate High parameter, large open circuit ability, safe and reliable, long electrical life, frequent operation. Less maintenance fracture level has significant characteristics significantly. With one lever manual operation mode, also can use electric, remote control operation.
main technical parameters
Load switch main technical parameters
No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2 rated frequency HZ 50
3 Rated current A 630
4 Active load open circuit current rating A 630
5 Ring open circuit current rating A 630
6   5%Active load open circuit current rating A 31.5
7 rated cable-charging breaking current A 10
8 power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min ):  vacuum
Fracture relatively/isolation KV 42/48
9 lightning impulse withstand voltage: Each relative    
Isolated/fracture KV 75/85
10 Rated short-time resistance current (thermal stability) KA 20
11 rated duration of short-circuit S 4
12 Nominal peak current (dynamic stability) KA 50
13 The rated short circuit close switch KA 50
14 mechanical life 10000
15 Thickness of vacuum arcing chamber contact allowed to wear mm 0.5
16 Manual operation torque Nm ≤200
17 No-load transformer rated breaking capacity KVA 1600
18 The rated power open container set current A 100

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