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FZN21 Indoor vacuum load switch and fuse combination electri
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FZN21-12D/T630-20、FZN21-12DR /T125-31.5 Indoor vacuum load switch and fuse combination electric appliance is
used for 12 kv three-phase ac 50 HZ power distribution system, has a compact structure Light weight small size long service life Close conjunction ability strong advantages of safe and reliable, used with fuse (combination), alternative cost higher fuse, its operation and maintenance easy and convenient.

●Operating environment
Altitude: ≤2000m
Ambient air temperature: -25℃ to +40℃
Average daily levels of relative air humidity isn’t more than95% , monthly average levels of it isn’t more than90%
No conductive dust ,No corrosive gas and no water vapor body
No fire and no explosion

No recurrent violent vibration and the Slope isn't less than 3 degree.

●Main technical parameters
Serial number Project Company Parameter
1 Rated voltage KV 12 12
2 Rated current A 630 125
3 Rated peak with stand current kA 50 50
4 Rated short circuit breaking current kA —— 31.5
5 Active load open circuit current rating A 630 630
6 thermal stability current(4s) kA 20 ——
7 dynamic stable current kA 50 ——
8 power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min )
kA 42(断口48)
9 lightning impulse withstand voltage kA 75(断口85) 75(断口85)
10 mechanical life 10000 10000
11 Transfer current rating (combination electric appliance) A —— 3150
12 Motor power supply voltage operation V AC and DC 110、220  AC and DC 110、220

●Framework is mainly composed of isolating switch (charge separated switch or fuse) vacuum arcing chamber Grounding switch operating mechanism, etc
The product structure is compact Small size long service life, the ability to pass goes off Easy operation and maintenance Vacuum switch with electric operating mechanism and the energy storage spring, which can realize fast in operation Isolating switch vacuum switch, grounding switch between interlock each other, in order to prevent wrong operation

1Framework   2isolation knife   3fuse   4 insulation rod   5 stent     6 arcing chamber     7 insulator grounding knife     8static contact       9 grounding knife       10 spring        11 brake spring       12 insulation lever    13 main shaft      14pay linkage     15 rod shaft     16 bolt institutions      17 operating mechanism

Load switch without fuse (item 3) and de - removal mechanism (item 14)

ordering instruction
When placing order, please indicate the model name of the product Specification number operation voltage.

● FZN21-12D/T630-20,FZN21-12DR/T125-31.5Indoor vacuum load switch fuse combination

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