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Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Vacuum Load-breaking Switch
Isolating Switch,Earthing Switch
Wall Bushing
Casing Series
The series exported to Russia
Operating Device
ZN28 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
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●The data as follow:
Name Unit Data
Rated voltage KV 12
Rated current A 400 630 1250
Rated short circuit breaking current KA   20  
Rated peak with stand current KA   50  
Rated dynamic steady current (peak) KA   50  
The thermal stability of current ratings (valid values) KA   20  
Rated thermal stability time S 4
Rated short circuit breaking current open circuit Times 30(50)
Open time of CD10 electromagnetic operating mechanism mS < 80
Rated operating sequence   0.3
power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min   effective values )
KV above-ground-level 42 Fracture48
Lightning shock resistance KV above-ground-level 75 Fracture85
mechanical life Times 1000 0

●  Outline Mounting Dimension

Code name Date Model
20KA 25KA 31.5KA 40KA
a 230 275±1
b 600 690
c 707 842
d 560 652
e 293+20 342+20
f 227±1 227±1
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