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VS1-12 Solid-closure High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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Solid-closure High-voltage(VBM7) Vacuum Circuit Breaker is the indoor high voltage switch equipment, which applicable to 12KV rated voltage, frequency 50 HZ in the three-phase power system to protect and control the operator. For the special advantage of vacuum circuit breaker is well applied to frequent operation of rated current or the place of many times the breaking short circuit current .

Solid-closure High-voltage(VBM7) Vacuum Circuit Breaker use the fixed installation, mainly for the fixed type switchgear cabinet, the concentrator can be used alone, it also can be used in the ring network power supply, box-type variable, or a variety of non-standard power supply system.

●Performance advantages

This type of products used for insulation of solid insulation, vacuum arcing chamber integrally casting by epoxy resin insulating tube, using the structure greatly improve the insulation performance of the product, can satisfy the requirement of moisture and high altitude environment condition

●The data as follow:
NO. Name Unit Date
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2   Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rating insulation level
Power frequency withstand voltage(1min) KA 24/48
to earth/ between phases
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) 75/85
to earth/ between phases
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20 25 31.5 40
5 Rated current KA 630 630 1250 1600 1250 1600
6 Rated tolerance current (Effective value) KA 1250 1250 2000 2500 2000 2500
7 Rated peak withstand current (peak) KA 20 25 31.5 40
8 Rated peak with stand current(peak)   50 63 80 100
50 63 80 100
9 Duration of rated short circuit current S 4
10 Mechanical life times 20000
11 (1min)
Secondary circuit power frequency withstand voltage(1min)
V 2000
12 Rated operating sequence
Remarks:20KA、25KA、31.5KA t=0.3S t1=180s; 40KA t=180s t1=180s

●  Outline Mounting Dimension

Last one:VS1-12 Side mounted indoor high voltage vacuum circuit break
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