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Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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Vacuum Load-breaking Switch
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The series exported to Russia
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JYN2-12KYN1-12 Armored AC metal-enclosed switchgear series h
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●  Overviews
Handcart is one of the core parts of switchgear, with steel plate bending welded together, the bottom is equipped with four wheel, can move along the horizontal direction and also equipped with grounding contact, guide, locking mechanism and the handcart in and out of the hand operated mechanism. There are seven handcarts: Circuit breaker handcart. Handcart voltage transformer, voltage transformer lightning arrester handcart, transformer used in handcart, isolation handcart and grounding handcart

●  Main technical parameters
1、The date of the vacuum circuit breaker truck
Project Unit Date
Rated voltage KV 40.5
Rated current
A 630,1250
Rated frequency
Hz 50
The largest open circuit current in the maximum working voltage
KA 25
thermal stability current (4 seconds)
KA 25
Limit by current
(Dynamic resistance)( peak)
KA 63
The mark for the current KA 63
(no more than) ms 30
inherent opening time(no more than) s 0.05
inherent closing time(no more than) s 0.15
Rated operating sequence   分-0.3s-分合180s-合分
Electrical life when rated current(1250) Times 10000
when maximum breaking current (25KA)
Times 8.12
Quality Kg 140§
Mechanical life   Times 10000
§ Reference value
§ The breaking current is constant when voltage is below 10KV

2、DC electromagnetic operating mechanism
Model The model of the breaker Coil action current (A)
closing opening
110V 220V 24V 48 110V 220V
CD17Ⅰ ZN28-12/630 196 98 37 18.5 5 2.5
CD17Ⅱ ZN28-12/1250 240 120 37 18.5 5 2.5
CD17Ⅲ ZN28-12/2000 294 147   18.5 5 2.5

●    Outline Mounting Dimension

 KYN1-12 Outline Mounting Dimension

JYN2-12Outline Mounting Dimension
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