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ZW32-24 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker
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●  Overview
ZW32-24 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) as the rated voltage of 24 kv and three-phase ac 50 hz outdoor distribution equipment Is mainly used for open circuit close load current overload current and short circuit current in power system for substation and industrial and mining enterprises for protection and control in power distribution system, and the site of rural power grid frequent operation

Running of the circuit breaker has small volume, light weight, coagulate frost prevention from coagulate frost free maintenance etc., can adapt to the harsh climate conditions and pollution environment

measure up

GB1984 Alternating current high-voltage circuit-breakers
GB11022 High voltage switch equipment and control equipment standards of common technical requirements

GB311.1-6insulation coordination for high-voltage transmission and transformation equipments
GB763 Ac high-voltage electrical appliances in the long-term work of fever

GB2706 Ac high voltage electrical dynamic thermal stability test method

GB3309 The mechanical test of high voltage switch equipment in the room temperature

DL/T593 Common order of high voltage switch equipment technical conditions

●Main technical parameters
No. Project Unit Date
1 Rated voltage kv 24
2 Rated frequency HZ 50
3 Rated current A 630
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20
5 Rated peak withstand current(peak) KA 50
6 rated short time current KA 20
7 Rated peak with stand current(peak) KA 50
8 mechanical life 10000
9 Rated short circuit breaking current open circuit 30
10 power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min ):Wet(Alternate  \to ground \ Fracture )
kv 65/79
11 Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)
(Alternate  \to ground \ Fracture )
kv 125/145
12 The secondary loop power frequency withstand voltage(1 min) kv 2

Outline Mounting Dimension

1. The above outlet
4. Under outlet
7. insulating tension pole
10. Drive even the plate
13. mechanism case
2. blowout coil
5. the electrical clip
8. Contact pressure spring
11. actuator shaft
14. The power transformer
3.  insulation covering
6. braid connection
9. breaking spring
12. operating device

1. operating handle
4. Circuit breaker energy storage controller
7. Current transformer
10. insulating tension pole
13. Wiring board (outlet)
2. Isolation of the spindle
5. Open& close instructions
8. Insulator
11. Wiring board (into the terminal)
14. Circuit breaker
3. Breaker manual split handle
6. Connecting plug
9. Dummy carriers
12. Isolation of the blade
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