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ZW20-12F Outdoor user high pressure boundary between vacuum
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Distribution circuit T pick the 10 kv overhead line or end user internal failure occurs, because of its into line switch protection action time and outlet switch substation protection time with not reasonable timing, will cause line switch trip of substation If the nature of the fault is permanent, substation overlap will not be successful, is a medium pressure users in local accident will make the whole article 10 kv distribution line power failure Cut-off T it or if the client (responsibility) installing a switch (commonly known as guard dog) boundary between the user and pass judgment confirmed user limits failure (such as over-current single-phase grounding short circuit fault), automatic fault isolation from, you can ensure that the fault section users normal electricity ZW20A - 12 f type outdoor boundary vacuum circuit breaker is my company independent research and development of a user line switch It is mainly composed of ZW20A - 12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker on the pillars ontology and FDR - 02 fault detection controller as well as the external voltage transformer of three most, three by air outlet and outdoor seal control cable for electrical connection

  This product is mainly in accordance with the following national standards
     Switch parts: GB1984
      High voltage circuit breaker GB/T11022-1999
<High voltage switch equipment control and common technical conditions> control terminal part of the equipment, GB/T726-2000< relay and equipment basic test method > GB/T17626-1998

  <Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology electrical transient bursts immunity test>

2、   Environmental
Ambient air temperature: -40℃ to +40℃; Temperature differences: daily temperature variation is not greater than25℃; According to the nature of SF6 gas material, when the environment temperature-40℃, such as the chamber pressure is 0.05 Mpa, at this time still for gas SF6, guarantee the normal work of the product (when the environment temperature -40℃, gauge pressure is 0.05 Mpa, SF6 liquefaction point-55℃; zero pressure table, SF6 liquefaction point not more than-60℃)

2、Wind speed is not more than 35 m/s
3、Strong chemical corrosion of inflammable, explosive hazards, (such as all kinds of acid, alkali or smoke, etc.) and the place of violent vibration
4、altitude: ≯1000m
5、cladding thickness : 10mm
6、Air polluted degree: Level IV
7、Seismic intensity: 8 degrees
8、Power network neutral point grounding way: neutral point grounding neutral through petersen coil neutral point by the low resistance grounding.
四、Main technical parameters
4.1 Rating of the breaker parameters shown in table 1
no Item Unit data
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20
5 Rated peak withstand current(peak) KA 50
6 rated short time current(4S) KA 20
7 Rated peak with stand current(peak) KA 50
8 mechanical life Times 10000
9 Number of rated short circuit breaking 30
10 power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min ):Dry(Alternate  \to ground \ Fracture )
KV 42/48
11 Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)
(Alternate  \to ground \ Fracture )
KV 75/85
12 operating sequence KV -0.3s- and -180s- components
13 The rated operating voltage auxiliary circuit of rated voltage Kg 220

Note: when using ground elevation of more than 1000 m, resistant to high voltage should be in accordance with GB/T11022-1999 revised accordingly

4.2 Circuit breaker assembly adjusting parameters are shown in table 2
no. project Unit data
1 clearance between open contacts mm 9+1-0.5
2 over-travel of the contact mm 3+1-0.5
3 Average opening speed m/s 1.2±0.2
4 Average closing speed m/s 0.6±0.2
5 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤2
6 The casing interelectrode center distance mm 135
7 Outside the box body interelectrode center distance mm 280
8 Three-phase break-brake synchronism jet lag ms ≤2
9 Each loop dc resistance µΩ ≤200
10 Closing time ms ≤45
11 Opening time ms ≤45
12 The allowable of  Dynamic and static cumulative thickness mm 3
13 The closing contact pressure N 2000±200
14 SF6 gas pressure rated (gauge pressure) MPa “0”
15 Net weigh Kg 185

4.3 Operator main technical parameters
4.3.1 、Energy-storage motor: dc series motor, its technical data such as table 3
Data Rated voltage(V) rated power(W) normal working area Energy storage time under rated voltage (s)
YJ220-5301BS -220 20 85% ~ 120% rated voltage ≥5

4.3.2 、Hand machine operating force: the institution with the maximum operating force of energy storage handle less than 25 kg

4.3.3 、
By using of closing electromagnet, solenoid electromagnet coil technical data such as table 4
rated voltage
rated current (A) rated power (W) the coil resistance
normal working area
-220 3.9 860 56 65%~110% rated voltage
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