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ZW8-12 outdoor High voltage vacuum circuit breaker
Release time:2015-06-06 01:25 Read:Time

Using vacuum arcing chamber, air insulation, with electric spring operation mechanism, makes the product arcing ability is strong, short open circuit times is high, no fire and explosion danger, convenient operation, is a kind of excellent performance, practical products

The product structure adopts three-phase together box type, the outlet and inlet line of casing, the casing for the dry air, electric spring operation mechanism is installed side of box, it can be used under in the harsh environmental conditions

The product vacuum arcing chamber adopts porcelain case, cup shape and longitudinal magnetic field contactor structure, copper and chrome contactor material, has excellent ability to open and close short circuit current.

The product has small volume, light weight, good appearance. The design of vacuum arcing chamber and insulation support sheath pipe is compact, outlet outside the conductive silicone rubber injection, can adapt to bad climate condition and pollution environment.

●   application
ZW8-12/630-20 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker of ac 50 hz 3 to the power system, it is mainly used for open circuit, close urban 10 kv power grid load current, no-load current and short-circuit current, also can make rural power grids and small power system separation, is the city network, rural electric oil free of updated products.

Main technical parameters
Rated voltage 12KV
Rated current 630A
power frequency withstand 42KV/48KV
lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) 72KV/85KV
Rated short circuit breaking current (effective values) 20KA
The rated short circuit close current (peak) 50KA
operating sequence
Number of rated short circuit breaking 30Times
mechanical life 10000 Times
The rated operating voltage (open/close brake coil) DC220V AC220V
The allowable of  Dynamic and static cumulative thickness 3mm
The break distance of isolating fracture >200mm
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