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ZW7-40.5Outdoor vacuum breaker
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ZW7-40.5 Outdoor vacuum breaker is applicable to below 12 kv, three-phase ac 50 hz power system. It is mainly used for rural electric network and city for points and load current, overload current and short circuit curren

●  Operating environment
a.Using vacuum arcing, The ability of opening circuit is strong, long electrical life, mechanical life 10000 times
b. Simple structure, free maintenance, no maintenance cycle is long
c. Insulation performance is good, strong ability to put filth
d. Matching the spring or electromagnetic operating mechanism, mechanical performance is reliable, but frequent operation, no fire and explosion hazard
e. Built-in current transformer, lecturer precision up to 0.2 on the Richter scale, which can promote the interaction between the three phase protection
f. Enclose condensation controller, it can keep the circuit breaker in a certain temperature, humidity and reliable running.

● 使用环境条件  Environmental
a. 周围空气温度:上限+40oC, 下限-30oC; Ambient air temperature: -30℃ to +40℃
 Altitude: ≤2000m线  ( Increasing the rated insulation level according to the higher altitude)
wind pressure :no more than 700 pa(Wind speed:34m/s)
Amplitude :seismic intensity is no more than 8 degrees
e.污秽等级:Ⅲ级  Air polluted degree: Ⅲ级

●  Main technical parameters
No. Project Unit Date
1 Rated voltage KV 40.5
2 Rated insulation level power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min )
Dry 95
Wet 80
lightning impulse withstand voltage(peal) 185
3 Rated current A 1250 .1600. 2000
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20 . 25. 31.5
5 operating sequence   Open0.3-close&open-180s-close&open
6 Number of rated short circuit breaking  (timcs) 12
7 Rated peak with stand current(peak) KA 50. 63. 80
8 Rated peak withstand current
9 rated short time current KA 20. 25. 31.5
10 Continuous current of rated short circuit S 4
11 Average opening speed m/s 1.5±0.2
12 Average closing speed 0.7±0.2
13 Contact closing bounce time s ≤2
14 In three (points) brake synchronism jet lag ≤2
15 Closing time ≤150
16 opening time ≤60
17 mechanical life  (timcs) 10000
18 The rated operating voltage and the rated voltage of auxiliary circuit V DC220. 110. 24
AC220. 100. 24
19 Each phase loop dc resistance (excluding transformer) υ Ω ≤100
20 The allowable of  Dynamic and static cumulative thickness mm 3
21 Weigh KG 800

Outline Mounting Dimension

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