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CHZ□-12 Ac high voltage automatic reclosing
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Outdoor high voltage vacuum automatic reclosing is used to pay 50HZ ,10 ~ 12KV three-phase voltage power distribution network system, the reclosing is to be able to order according to the predetermined breaking and overlap in the ac line, automatically open fracture and operation, and automatic reset or atresia after self control protection function of high voltage switch equipment used with breaking machine, etc, can not realize the distribution automation and control systems, this system can fast segmentation and isolate fault, will be a power outage range to a minimum, is the ideal equipment of the rural electric reform, the reclosing can be according to the requirements of the user with the isolating switch, etc.

●  Main technical parameters
No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 12
Rated insulation level
power frequency withstand voltage
(1 Min )
Dry To ground 42/ Fracture 48
湿试Wet 34
lightning impulse withstand voltage To ground 75  Fracture  85
3 Rated current A 630
4 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20
5 Rated operating sequence   Open0.3-close&open-180s-close&open
6 Number of rated short circuit breaking Time 30
7 Rated peak with stand current(Peak) KA 50
8 Rated peak withstand current
9 rated short time current 20
10 rated duration of short-circuit s 4
11 Break-brake time measurement under the rated operating voltage
ms 15-50
12 Opening time 25-50
13 mechanical life 10000
14 The rated operating voltage and the rated voltage of auxiliary circuit V 220 110 24
15 Rated voltage under the storage time s < 10
16 CT change A 50-600
Capacity VA 15
17 PT output voltage V 220 110 24
Capacity W 600
18 Current Regulation A 2-10
19 delay time ms 40-850
20 electric current quick break A 18
21 Control Distance m 30

●   Outline Mounting Dimension

1.The above outlet
2.    blowout coil
3.       insulation covering
4.Under outlet
5.    the electrical clip
6.    braid connection
7.   insulating tension pole
8.   Contact pressure spring
9.     breaking spring
10.   Drive even the plate
11.   actuator shaft
13.    mechanism case
12.          operating device
14.    Power dry each device

1. operating handle
2.Isolation of the spindle
3. Breaker points or handle manually
4. Circuit breaker energy storage controller
5.  Open& close instructions
6. Connecting plug
7. Current transformer
8.   Insulator
9.Dummy carriers
10. insulating tension pole
11. Wiring board (into the terminal)
12. The isolation knife method
13. Wiring board (outlet )
14.Circuit breaker
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