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Development and performance analysis of vacuum circuit break
Release time:2015-06-05 00:33 Read:Time

Faced with the extremely different breaking task, the new outdoor high pressure vacuum circuit breaker arises at the historic moment. As for the generator protection circuit breaker of large capacity vacuum circuit breaker (short-circuit breaking current of up to 63 ~ 80kA and above), standard type vacuum circuit breaker (short-circuit breaking current of 25 ~ 50kA), economic type vacuum circuit breaker (16 to 25kA beam), frequent type vacuum circuit breaker (such as operating frequency 5 ~ 6 million times), overclocking fan type vacuum circuit breaker (such as the number of 10 ~ 15 million). Such as Siemens 3ah series circuit breaker is by the use of the occasion is divided for five kinds of models, which 3AH1 and 3AH3 type is a standard type, the operation is 10000 times, 3AHZ type frequent type, operation 6 million times. 3AH4 for overclocking fan type, operating 12 million times, 3AH5 for economic type, price cheap.

2 low overvoltage vacuum circuit breaker

As is known to all, outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker for closure will cut off overvoltage caused, particularly in the small perceptual negative section such as the motor, under normal circumstances, to limit the overvoltage to vacuum circuit breaker with overvoltage absorbing device such as SiC dead RC, RD, ZnO arrester, which makes off road structure is large and complicated, and some limit voltage is not ideal.

Japan several companies to open the path, developed a low overvoltage vacuum circuit breaker. It is not used in the voltage absorbing device and the newly developed contact material, the overvoltage limit to 1/10 of the conventional value. Toshiba Ag Se - - Co - AgWC, MITSUBISHI is Cr - Bi - Cu - alpha, Fuji is CuCr + high vapor material. These companies generally do 20kA under 7.2kV, only the Toshiba Co to do 40kA 7.2kV. Please visit: high voltage switch to browse more information

3 multi-function vacuum circuit breaker

As everyone knows the dead outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker to date for two I (i.e. one) to complete the closing and breaking task. There are many functions of the vacuum circuit breaker, such as the one - to - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - of - - - earthing. SIEMENS, Alstom, Hitachi have such products. The latest NXACT - type modular vacuum circuit breaker of SIEMENS company has many functions, the collection closes, the breaking, the isolation, the grounding and the interlocking in one body. The vacuum circuit breaker of Alstom switchgear with VISAX switch cabinet is three I (in isolation).. The 24kV vacuum circuit breaker developed by Hitachi and Tokyo Electric Power Company is four I (in combination - Isolation and earthing)..

In order to make the multi-functional products, from existing products, two approaches: one is the vacuum circuit breaker phase column in the open rear moves or rotates, the formation of disconnecting and earthing; another is the vacuum killing arc indoor contact rotation to complete isolation and grounding. Simon subsidiary NXAct products to open up the rear phase column moves to complete the isolation and grounding, and ALSTOM company to open up the rear phase column rotation to complete task isolation, Hitachi, Ltd. by arc in arc chamber contact rotation to complete isolation and grounding task.

4 synchronous circuit breaker

The synchronous circuit breaker is also called the selector phase vacuum circuit breaker or the controlled vacuum circuit breaker. The basic principle is that the vacuum circuit breaker is closed or disconnected at the most favorable moment of the voltage or current..

Compared with the ordinary vacuum circuit breaker and synchronous circuit breaker has the following advantages: 1. Reduce the power grid transient over voltage load; 2. To improve the quality of power supply; 3. To improve the circuit breaker life and performance; 4. To simplify the design grid, thereby reducing the overall cost of the system.

ABB has developed a synchronous vacuum circuit breaker with the use of digital electronic devices and magnetic actuators. This is a good start..

5 intelligent vacuum circuit breaker

The intelligence of vacuum circuit breaker is based on modern sensing technology and digital control technology..

Foreign manufacturing companies make their own products with intelligence, which is the need for distribution automation, but also the need for the circuit breaker itself control protection. Such as Alstom DCX programmable digital control device, ABB REF542 control and protection device, SIEMENS second generation digital protection device, etc..

From the above, the vacuum circuit breaker developed quickly, the reason is many, but there are two basic: first, the progress of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber technology; two is the progress of the operation mechanism. The vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is the heart of vacuum circuit breaker. Vacuum arc extinguishing chamber of the progress of the performance in such as contact materials from CuBi into CuCr and improves the breaking capacity, and reduce the cut-off value. The magnetic field from the transverse magnetic field steering longitudinal magnetic field, improves the breaking capacity, reduce the erosion of the contact. In the process, the use of a row sealing technology, greatly improving the performance and reliability of the arc chamber.
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