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Maintenance and inspection of outdoor high voltage vacuum ci
Release time:2015-06-05 00:31 Read:Time

Simple operation, convenient use, low maintenance workload is one of the advantages of outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker. The arc chamber of the vacuum circuit breaker is without maintenance.. The vacuum circuit breaker can be put into operation as long as the requirement is installed and adjusted, and a vacuum degree inspection of the arc chamber is preferably carried out.. Maintenance is very simple, only requirements:

(1) to keep a clean outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, in particular, should pay attention to the timely liquidation of insulator and insulation rod and other insulation parts of dust; for vacuum interrupter insulating shell dust clean dry cloth.

(2) where the parts of the movement are to be rubbed, the lubricating oil shall be kept clean, and the operating mechanism shall be flexible and reduce the wear and tear..

(3) wear the more serious parts to be replaced in time.

(4) all fasteners shall be regularly checked to prevent the release of the loose.

(5) the color of the vacuum arc extinguish chamber is often observed when the vacuum degree is checked, and the vacuum degree is not satisfied with the minimum working vacuum degree, and the color is replaced.

(6) the amount of contact travel is often observed, if the deviation is too large for the specified value, and shall be adjusted in time. The change of the contact stroke amount is the wear quantity of the contact of the arc chamber, so the record must be recorded when the contact stroke is adjusted, and the arc chamber should be replaced when the contact wear thickness is reached.. The replacement of the arc chamber must pay attention to the same type of the arc chamber, the user can not easily use other models of the arc chamber instead of. To discuss and study with the relevant professionals if necessary.

The full inspection and adjustment of the operation of the outdoor high - voltage vacuum circuit breaker should depend on the frequent degree of the usage and operation.. For those operations are not frequent, specifically, the number of operations per year is not more than 1/5 of the mechanical life, during the life period, at least once a year inspection. If the number of operations is frequent, the number of operations between the two checks should not exceed 1/5 of its mechanical life.. For the operation of the extremely frequent or mechanical life, electric life near the end of the occasion, the inspection cycle should be shortened. Check and adjust the project in addition to vacuum checking, distance and check the travel contact, contact pressure check, three-phase synchronous performance check, and closing speed of inspection and operating examination of each part of the body and external electrical connection and insulation inspection, including the control power supply auxiliary contact etc.. Each inspection and adjustment are generally not big demolition unloading, do not arbitrarily change their relative position.
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