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The operating mechanism of outdoor high pressure vacuum circ
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There are three main types of the operating mechanism of outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker: electromagnetic actuator, spring operating mechanism and permanent magnetic actuator.

Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker with electromagnetic actuator consists of an electromagnetic coil and core, plus on the brake spring and the necessary mechanical locking system composition, simple structure, few parts, reliable operation, manufacturing cost is low. At the same time, the output characteristics of solenoid magnet is easy to meet the vacuum breaker closing force characteristic requirements. The drawback is closing coil consumption power is too big, thus equipped with expensive batteries, and the structure of the electromagnetic mechanism and bulky and long operation time. The electromagnetic actuator appears earliest, but the current dosage tends to decrease..

Spring operating actuator by the spring storage switch required all of the energy, and the cam mechanism and a four bar linkage mechanism promote the vacuum interrupter contacts action. The closing speed are not affected by the impact of fluctuations in power supply voltage, fairly stable, through the adjustment of the spring pressure to get to meet the requirements of closing speed. Its disadvantages are mechanical parts (more than 160), parts of the material, machining accuracy and assembly accuracy are directly affect the reliability of the agency. The output characteristic of spring mechanism is basically the release of energy storage spring, which can improve the matching. The characteristics of the four bar linkage and cam mechanism are used in the design.. At present, the spring operating mechanism technology has become ripe, so the dosage is large.

The permanent magnetic actuator is a new actuator, which utilizes permanent magnetic, electronic control and capacitor storage.. Its advantage is simple structure, less the number of parts and the main moving parts only a, without mechanical tripping and latch device. Permanent magnetic structure is divided into two types: single steady state permanent magnet mechanism and bistable permanent magnet mechanism. The permanent magnet mechanism is still need to be tested, the problem of the life of the capacitor, the keeping force of the permanent magnets and the reliability of the electronic devices need to be solved.. At present, its dosage is not large.
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